Chantal Dewi Hehuwat - Playmates November 2008

Chantal Dewi Hehuwat is a Supermodel has a beautiful body ideal postures according to the time that many men capable of enthralling.

Model pretty bloody Eastern Indonesia is indeed extraordinary. Behind a sparkling life model, Chantal Dewi Hehuwat fight alone as a single mother, pursuing common goals and keep having fun! What the secret?

Is it difficult to serve as a professional model?

Initially yes, but after a long time and so to be easy. Adaptasinya first process approximately one year which is very heavy. Now, after nine years into the model, it seems I have been enjoying the bitter and manisnya all.

Many people who say, "beauty is pain." How do you?

Can be. As I say, I exclaim him not only experience, but also bitter.

How heavy do? Depending penyiksaannya I never cut hair, and hair extensions have been all over my head and feel sick once. In the shooting today, one of the used clothing that is tight just now and I am so very difficult to breathe. Then I understand why, beauty is indeed a pain!

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