Angie Nathanael - Cyber Girls February 2009

Angie Nathanael, was a men's magazine model and also an artist indonesia. Angie Nathanael had become a role on the film striptease dancers who speak china with the stars Shu Qi. Movies role in china was production in Hong Kong. In the film required to Angie Nathanael posed naked director at the time by taking pictures striptease dancers in one of the executive longe Hongkong.

Angie Nathanael role as striptease difilm the beginning when a talent search at the time of view and appear to be the winner in the "Wild Dance 2007" at Menara Jamsostek Jakarta.

In addition to a striptease dancers, Angie Nathanael also advanced in doing oral sex.! Here is Angie Nathanael Tips to perform oral sex in the sex party.
1. Do Many practice and exercise
2. Do a combination of movement
3. Stay focused on the vital point-point pairs you
4. Make variations such do a soft motion and don't forget using the frozen ice


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