Alannys Weber - Playmates February 2009

Alannys Weber is a model professional who is very hot so that it can hit the man. A beautiful face and body dent performance section, it seems to be no reason for the Alannys to be uppity. When the shooting took place, new Alannys night back from vacation last year in Thailand, and the next day, he had to fly to Hong Kong. Of course photographer not dissipate golden opportunity to once again bring the supermodel is only for you.

Alannys congratulate ! It is the third time, shooting you in the face for the rubric Popular. Once again for the anniversary edition. How is it shooting now?

Thank you! I enjoyed myself. First, because it has long since 2004. Second, because the shooting is now much different. When the cover 1 and 2, while the casual shooting photographs that is now more stylish and more elegant. Thank you, Popular still remember me.

After so long with you. It seems the career you fulgent only. What achievement you lately?
Already three years. I have already penetrated in the world akting, play in sinetron and film.

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