Julia Perez - Special Editions June 2009

Julia Perez are born by the name of Yuli Rachmawati in Jakarta, 15 Julies 1980. Chummy Star is called Jupe begin her career passes training job as secretary in a private enterprise and have a time continue education in the Netherlands.

Its acquaintanceship by man model Damien Perez (Yusuf Perez) be next become its husband, is early opportunity Jupe to come up as a model of FHM magazine and Maxim magazine in french. In 2002-2003 artists that often this section, started recognized in Indonesia pass by sinetron LOCATION LOVE, NAUGHTY COMEDY, COAST GUARD and FREE NIGHT. She is a nomination of 100 sexiest womans version FHM magazine and Maxim magazine.

Jupe, now stay in Indonesia and many in sinetron that is, FORGIVE I, PURSUE ILLUSORY, GODLIKE SECRET, HIDAYAH, PRAYER, SWEET DREAM, WOMAN is MALTREATED and become advertisement models of a few products.

Besides as artist sinetron, Jupe is a singer. On April 2008,she launches her first album, KAMASUTRA with single hit Belah Duren. This maiden Album enough fishes public controversy, because Jupe gives free condom for her album buyer. Even maiden album its this invite protest and block appearance she in some areas.

At this time this section artist just finishes film of JAMU SPECTRE CARRY ON THE BACKS production Indika Entertainment. Like image which during the time section coherents to her, its role in this film claims Jupe shares section.

Mid on February 2009, Jupe becomes artist all the much looked for in internet because section of her private photo its circulate in internet. At the photos, Jupe are seen very section both for pose for by it self or with its friend.

Related its domesticity with Damien Perez, at the beginning of 2009 start barst. This condition because relation Jupe with football player Persiba from Brazil Gaston Castano. Even in March 2009, relationship Jupe closer by undertaking vacation with Gaston in a coast.

Even its divorce process with Damien, Jupe already not as yet common to will come up amicable with Gaston in front of public. Unashamedly they pose for at photograph of session a magazine of derivative man jakarta in Tanjung Berung, Ujung Kulon, by impose sexy bikini.

In the beginning of July 2009, Jupe will go to french with Damien to manage its divorce process. Jupe and Damien have agreed to account divorce expense jointly. More Julia Perez Photos


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