Puput Melati - Cyber Girls May 2003

Puput Melati was born in Jakarta, 13 May 1983. Puput Melati is a former child singer, she is also known as a star singer and artist TV series.

TV series Who has ever she act is CINTA ANAK KAMPUS. Album songs that have been released, Pacarku, Biarkanlah and Kisah Nikah Muda.

For the last album, the third daughter pair Hasan Sofyan and Sherly Febiani this release songs with titles Kisah Nikah Muda because she was married at a young age. Married with Oddy Pratama Wibowo on 24 June 2004, from their relationship they have children, Argia Lufen Atalia Wibowo.

Now, women that have been gossip had affair with Ponky Jikustik and Sahrul Gunawan that, has a lot an activities as a housewife and rarely appears in public.

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