Ratu Felisha

Ratu Felisha start recognized by people when this beautiful women pose for naughty in FHM. Sexy babes born on 16 October 1982 she frequent also pose for delight with her friends, even all done only as personal collection (non public) consumption, but because meddlesome her friend, delight photos of Ratu publise the round of in internet and become the hunting netter.

Early career as model, more called by Feli have stared some sinetron, even her name start the moment stomach she play at BURUAN CIUM GUE, what have time to invite the criticism of various circle at 2004 ago, because assessed to own the ugly influence to young people. Even that moment is famous dai Aa Gym slip its title become the 'Buruan Zinahi Gue!'

Besides film, Feli also got mixed up with some sinetron like ABG, Si Cecep, Karunia-Mu, Udin Pe'Ak, Habibi dan Habibah, and some film like Sweet 17, Ada Bayi Di SMU, dan Kuntilanak.

Pictorial Tattoo Owner of crown in back, and tattoo draw to enchain in left ankle and a occult in place this have owned a so called putri adoption of Dasha Godiva, what have assumed her own baby.

Feli return to decorate the final media 2006, x'self moment involved by a hitting case at Andika, what also lover of singer of jazz Andien. Even Feli and Andhika have agreed to make peace, but Feli remain to have to justify its deed judicially.


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