Angel Lelga - Playmates April 2009

Lely Anggraeni better known as Angel Lelga or Angeliq born in Surakarta, 1 January 1981 is one of the singer and actress better known for the case of personality, rather than achievement in the field of entertainment. Born with the name Lely Anggraeni, Angel began sosoknya known as a time when allegedly stealing jewelry belonging to a jewelry merchant.

Although the case is not evident, at the same time that the case is related to the king Dangdut Rhoma Irama surface. Jewelry reputedly used Angel as a result of the alleged theft is that the approach itself pedangdut participate at Ibn SABIL star sinetron. Finally, note that Angel is his wife Rhoma Irama dinikahi of the series, and how long the lapse dicerai then in August 2005.

Angel also been accused by a woman named Ina aka Nur Aminah, who claim to her husband, Haji Muhamad (HM) Rusli, was due to get menceraikannya 'scandal' Angel.

Early 2007, Angel dikabarkan become the wife of the fifth coal Martapura origin, South Kalimantan, Abdul Rahman Widi better known by the name of Secured Jagau, that is not also pedangdut husband Cucu Cahyati.

Despite everything going on secretly, the case is eventually uncovered and spread to the media, although up to now is clear marriage between Angel and Secure still vague. Whether true or not that theatrical love Angel-media attention to be safe for a few weekends at the time.

Angel then charged by Safe Jagau the alleged fraud with the money of Rp150 million. Until September 2008, the case is still awaiting disidangkan.

Year 2008, to remove the image as Angel Dangdut singer with the release of the album FIRST beraliran pop hit with the single titled the same. Not only the flow of new album and he also changed its name Angeliq. More Angel Lelga Photo >>>


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