AB Three

AB Three, is a trio group that has membered female sexy. Their emergence is yielding orbitan musician Youngki Soewarno, one that inspired that time with girl groups, kind of Spice Girls.

First moment was instituted By AB Three had member Riafinola Ifanisari or Nola, Widi Mulia or Widi and Lusi Rahmawaty or Lusy.

Since management conflict and coincides Lusi's nuptials plan on 2000, Lusi then retiring from group already there are many appreciation universalizes. then Lusi replaced by Cynthia Lamusu.

AB Three's albums, alternately among those, Cintailah Aku (1995), Kerinduanku (1997), Nyanyian Cintamu (1999), Auraku (2002) dan Selamat Datang Cinta (2006). While We Are One track of their albums and Selamat as popular song and' sign' of their success.


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