Revalina S Temat

Revalina s Temat, on familiar term with nickname Reva, was born in Jakarta, 26th November 1985. Reva's career is started as star of model, then be as sinetron's actress and fim.

One for model star, Sayuti Temat's couple daughter and Rachmaniar,become model for Clear product, Relaxa with DJ Winky and Red A. Reva ever be the winner of Gadis sampul in 1999 as Favorite babes, she ever been headline sinetron BAWANG MERAH BAWANG PUTIH.

Child of four its brotherses, have also been headline sinetron PERCIKAN SANGKURIANG, CINTAKU DI KAMPUS BIRU 2, JP ASYIKNYA PACARAN, BAWANG MERAH BAWANG PUTIH, DARA MANISKU, HIKMAH 2 dan KEMBANG SURGA. TV's film CINTA DENGAN LUKA (2002) and GERANGAN CINTA (2003) as she prove her acting ability.

Star clip's video Kupilih Dia (Cokelat, 2004) dan Juwita (Yovie & The Nuno) it also gets acting at a movie. Recent film that be headlined POCONG 2 was release the end of 2006.


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