Titi Kamal

kurniati Kamalia more popular by the name of Titi Kamal, born in Jakarta, 7th December 1981. Titi's career is started from model while she win Cover Girl Ankea Yess magazine 1997, then bungsu's child from five brothers start as actress sinetron among those TIRAI CINTA, CERITA CINTA, KEMBANG PADANG KELABU, LILIN KECIL, PURA-PURA BUTA, dan CINTA ANAK KAMPUS.

Moch's couple daughter. Kamal Badry and Elly Rosniati starts to clear away a film with headlines TRAGEDI (2001), ADA APA DENGAN CINTA (2002), EIFEL I'M IN LOVE (2003), dan MENDADAK DANGDUT (2006). Even at this DANGDUT film, Titi is success with dangdut song Jablay (Rarely been caressed) one that constitute soundtrack's album that its film.

Titi who have close-fitting voice forced warbles severally dangdut's song in stage manager instruction film Rudi Sudjarwo. Even she not confident with that, but in the bargain society just good welcome Jablay's song, one that really have down to earth lyrics. Even her song success and successful entering MTV Award's nomination, former Best MTV'S Model 2002, blase develop career at world attractive voice, notably dangdut's music.

Beautiful virgin that evers be perform with its jet-black hair opens one classy Sunda restaurant fast service kitchen's cadre. Resto who lies at Jl. Ir.H. Juanda No.27, correct it at crosses Negara Palace, Central Jakarta, constituting Titi's dreamy form becomes business woman.

For love problem, female that claim all out's ready at this acting bandstand still interlaces relationship to diqoin ties with Christian Sugiono. In the this period they will get merried


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