Happy Salma

Happy Salma born in Sukabumi, 4th January 1980. Happy is known as a model, before then widens wing as sinetron's actress, wide screen star, theatre and presenter TV.

Universitas Trisakti's grad corporate Administration Majors, she evers been headline sinetron BUJANGAN, SI CECEP, KUTUNGGU CINTAMU, NYONYA NYONYA SOSIALITA/LABA LABA CINTA, DARI LUBUK HATIKU, COWOK-COWOK KEREN, HIKAYAH. Happy also evers been headline wide screen film, GIE with Nicholas Saputra.

Happy also intermediates get things square theatre staging gets Nyai Ontosoroh title to 21, 22, 23th April 2007, at Graha Bhakti Budaya Team, Jakarta who that stage manager by Ken Zuraida.

Besides Pramodya Ananta Toer's man of letters admirer that everyday still regular becomes presenter Morning Story at Trans TV and evers been also take Lens event at ANTV.


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