Cut Tari

Cut Tari or its fledged Cut Tari Aminah Anasya, known as presenter, sinetron's actress and celebrity. she was born in Jakarta, 1st November 1977, having Aceh agnatic blood from its father, Teuku Joesransjah.

Female that also familiar being accosted Ully, starting her career as actress from Cover Girl 1991. Begin from Cover Girl, she then chances to headline advertising to amount to product, including Belia cosmetics and Pixy on 1993.

While, her debut at acting becomes sinetron's guest star Komedi DONGENG LANGIT on komedian's star invitation, Harry De Fretes. then Continue offer perform at sinetron SISI-SISI DUNIA (1993) with role as assistant.

Until now she is wife of Johannes Yusuf Subrata, have headlined a lot of sinetron, whereabouts role it dominant as figure of antagonist and impudent. that sinetron comprises among those, PERJALANAN, MELATI, DOAKU HARAPANKU, KAFE BIRU, DEWI FORTUNA, RATAPAN ANAK TIRI dan TERSANJUNG.


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