Wulansari (Mulan Kwok)

Wulansari in the early emergence it with Ratu is known as Mulan Kwok or Mulan Ratu. After she leave from Ratu, Mulan foses with Republik Cinta Artist Management (RCMA) one that lead by Ahmad Dhani, Maia Estianty's husband. Mulan Kwok Changed becomes Mulan Jameela. first premiere album release a few 2008 by carries Makhluk Tuhan Paling Sexy.

Mulan name popular while foses with Ratu on April 2005, previously Mulan frequent singing at cafe (Bandung and Jakarta). Mulan replaces Pinkan Mambo's position secretory from Ratu at the end of year 2004.

Typical Mulan voice and impressed sexy makes it quick accepted by fans Ratu. Afters darling gets deep collaboration 2 albums with Ratu bulb, Maia Estianty, Mulan declares for to come out in the early 2007. Mulan Maia's conflict triggered by they salary. Mulan that didn't proportional and under investment management change openended.

Mulan that haven't round 20 years old, get married with Harry Nugraha, on 1999. They meet while fused with Swarakustik's cafe band. Harry is Bass player be although Mulan singer. Nuptials darling already results two childs, Tyarani Savitri and Rafly Aziz's Muhammad aground at 2005.


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